About Us



About Us

Urucaca Sports (Urucaca.rw) is Rwanda’s number one all-sports daily. It was first published in December, 2015. It is among the most-widely-read sports, Health and Development publications in Rwanda.

Urucaca.rw (Urucaca Sports) is published by Dream City Media Limited (DCML). Dream City Media is the new sports publishing group in Rwanda. It was established in 2015 but registered in RDB on 07/09/2017 under the Company Code: 107387300

Other publications in the DMML will continue to grow as years go on, and Urucaca.rw is our first publication, Urucaca.rw will be tackling different sports areas and will still have Health and development pages where we relate sports with people’s Health and development.

The Group will also be engaged in motion pictures normally available on our YouTube channel (Dream city Media) in short as DC TV, where our publications are not only in writing but also videos and Sound as technology demands.

The primary focus of Urucaca.rw and DMML is sports news about Rwanda and the exploits of Rwandan sportsmen and women both at home and abroad, in all sports fields not footballers Only, We bring both Local and International news and relating sports to people’s real and daily life. We also bring news on Health and Development of Rwandans.

Urucaca.rw is circulated nationwide in Rwanda and on international Level as it is published in two languages Kinyarwanda and English. Urucaca.rw has shown the most growing popularity in recent months when you check it Facebook page (Urucaca Sports)

Urucaca.rw and CSS are read mostly by young and middle aged males between 15 and 55years of age (75%). Older male and women make up the rest (25%)